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Managing Massive Multiplayer Online Games (SS 2018)


  • The formula for movement under constant accelaration was corrected in the slides of chapter 3 and is now consistent with the tutorials.
  • The video of course can be found at here.
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  • Course: 3+2 hours weekly (equals 6 ECTS)
  • Lecture: Prof. Dr. Matthias Schubert
  • Assistant: Sebastian Schmoll
  • Beneficial: Lecture "Knowledge Discovery in Databases I" or "Machine Learning" or other data analytics methods
  • Audience: The course is directed towards master students in informatics and media informatics
  • Video lectures:The video of course can be found at here.

Time and Locations

All times are c.t. (cum tempore)

Component When Where Starts at
Lecture Tue, 13,00 - 16,00 h Room A 014 (HGB) 10.04.2018
Tutorial 1 Wed, 14,00 - 16,00 h Room D Z003 (HGB) 18.04.2018
Tutorial 2 Wed, 16,00 - 18,00 h Room D Z003 (HGB) 18.04.2018


A massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) is a virtual environment which players visit for entertainment. It is often played by thousands of players at the same time and allows huge varieties of player interactions. The course treats questions of how to implement and design MMOGs in order to scale with the players while keeping the game experience on an interactive or even real-time level. This includes spatial management, client-server communication, persistency and consistences of virtual environments hosting the MMOG. A further important aspect of online games is monitoring the player experience and evaluate success strategies. This task is done by Game Analytics methods. Finally, the lecture gives an outlook on artifical intelligence which can be used to improve player interaction, develop challenging computer components or simply make the interaction with the virtual environment more interesting.



Course Schedule

10.04.2018 Computer Games 11.04.2018 --
17.04.2018 Game Core (1) 18.04.2018 Time
24.04.2018 Game Core (2) 25.04.2018 Space (v1.1)
Solutions for 2-3
01.05.2018 May Day 02.05.2018 Unsupervised Learning (v1.1)
08.05.2018 Distributed Games 09.05.2018 Homework - Solution
Tutorial Exercise
15.05.2018 Persistence 16.05.2018 Homework (v1.1)
22.05.2018 Whit Tuesday 23.05.2018 Homework
29.05.2018 Game Analytics 30.05.2018
05.06.2018 Temporal Mining 06.06.2018
12.06.2018 Spatial Mining 13.06.2018
19.06.2018 Match Making 20.06.2018
26.06.2018 AI for Games 27.06.2018
03.07.2018 AI for Games 04.07.2018
10.07.2018 Summary 11.07.2018

Final Examination