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  • Workshop
    Friday, 27.06.2014
  • Submission Deadlines
    Abstract: 16.03.2014
    Submission: 23.03.2014
    Notification: 30.04.2014
    Camera-Ready: 25.05.2014
  • All Deadlines 11:59pm PST

Workshop Program

9:3010:00Poster Session
10:0010:30Coffee Break
10:3012:00Paper Session 1
12:0013:30Lunch Break
13:3015:00Paper Session 2
15:0015:45Coffee Break
15:4516:45Paper Session 3
18:00open endParticipants Dinner (*)


Matthias Renz


Krzysztof Janowicz
The Why, What, and How of Geo-Information Observatories

"The geo-information universe has entered a phase of exponential growth. Yet, despite initial optimism it becomes clear that data does not speak for itself without a supporting infrastructure and theories that help to publish, retrieve, mine, synthesize, and reuse these data and translate them into insights. Focusing on data variety, this keynote will outline how old research visions can be addressed from a new perspective, illustrate new research challenges, highlight the role of semantics for data-intensive science, and propose how geo-information observatories can address some of these challenges."

Krzysztof Janowicz

Biography: Krzysztof Janowicz is an Assistant Professor for Geographic Information Science and Geoinformatics at the Geography Department of the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. He is the program chair of the UCSB Cognitive Science program and a faculty research affiliate of the Center for Information Technology and Society. Krzysztof is one of the two editors-in-chief of the Semantic Web journal. He is running the STKO Lab which investigates the role of space and time for knowledge organization. His main research interests include the Semantic Web, Linked Data, ontologies, sensor webs, and cyber-infrastructures in general. Methodologically, his niche is the combination of theory-driven and data-driven approaches.
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Session 1: Scientific and Social Enrichment of Geo-Spatial Data

Praveen Tripathi, Madhuri Debnath and Ramez Elmasri
Extracting Dense Regions From Hurricane Trajectory Data
Presentation Poster

Yu Ma, Bin Yang and Christian S. Jensen
Enabling Time-Dependent Uncertain Eco-Weights For Road Networks

Florian Wenzel and Werner Kiessling
Aggregation and Analysis of Enriched Spatial User Models from Location-Based Social Networks

Session 2: Textual and Semantic Enrichment of Geo-Spatial Data

Amr Magdy, Thanaa Ghanem, Mashaal Musleh and Mohamed Mokbel
Exploiting Geo-tagged Tweets to Understand Localized Language Diversity

Irena Grabovitch-Zuyev, Yaron Kanza, Elad Kravi and Barak Pat
On the Correlation between Textual Content and Geospatial Locations in Microblogs

Nancy Wiegand, Ralph Grove, Dave Kolas and James Wilson
Querying Geospatial Data over the Web: a GeoSPARQL Interface

Session 3: Multi-Source Enrichment of Geo-Spatial Data

Sujing Wang, Tianxing Cai and Christoph F Eick
New Clustering and Analyzing Technique for Mining Multi-source Enriched Geo-spatial Data

Masaharu Hirota, Motohiro Shirai, Hiroshi Ishikawa and Shohei Yokoyama
Detecting Relations of Hotspots using Geo-tagged Photographs in Social Media Sites

Participants Dinner

(*) The participants dinner is not an official part of the workshop program and its cost are not included in the conference fee. Participation is optional but strongly encouraged by the workshop organizers.