Lehr- und Forschungseinheit für Datenbanksysteme

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Topics – Forschungsthemen


  • Subspace Clustering
  • Deep Clustering
  • Spectral Clustering

Process Mining

  • Conformance Checking, Outliers, Anomalies
  • Rule-based Recommendations, Predictions, Conformance
  • Extended events (intervals), structured events
  • Resource Cost and Temporal Aspects in Process Models, Prediction
  • Clustering for process mining, event identification
  • Stream process mining, concept drift, online learning

Remote Sensing & Imaging

  • Noise-resistant and Robust Object Detection
  • Weakly/semi-/unsupervised Learning
  • Superresolution Networks
  • Video Instance Segmentation

Graph Machine Learning

  • Representation Learning on Graphs
  • Graph Neural Networks

Machine Learning with limited labeled data

  • Active Learning
  • Semi-Supervised Learning

(Deep) Reinforcement Learning

  • Resource Allocation for Riskaware Financial Investment
  • Spatial Routing and Resource Collection
  • Meta Reinforcement Learning and robust Policy Learning

Machine Learning with Knowledge Basis

  • Knowlege Graphs Extraction and Correction
  • Multihop Reasoning using Reinforcement Learning

Semi-/Supervised Natural-Language-Processing

  • Argument MIning

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