Interface WeightedInstancesHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AdaBoostM1, AdditiveRegression, ADTree, AODE, Bagging, BayesNet, ComplementNaiveBayes, ConjunctiveRule, DecisionStump, DecisionTable, Discretize, Discretize, EM, END, IBk, J48, JRip, JRip.Antd, LinearRegression, Logistic, LogisticBase, LogitBoost, LWL, MakeDensityBasedClusterer, MultilayerPerceptron, NaiveBayes, NaiveBayesMultinomial, PaceRegression, PART, RandomCommittee, RandomForest, RandomTree, REPTree, Ridor, Ridor.RidorRule, Rule, SimpleKMeans, SimpleLinearRegression, SimpleLogistic, SMO, SMOreg, VFI, ZeroR

public interface WeightedInstancesHandler

Interface to something that makes use of the information provided by instance weights.

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