Uses of Interface

Packages that use StaticDBIDs
de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database ELKI database layer - loading, storing, indexing and accessing data 
de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids Database object identification and ID group handling API
de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.generic Database object identification and ID group handling - generic implementations
de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.integer Integer-based DBID implementation -- do not use directly - always use DBIDUtil
de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.relation Relations, materialized and virtual (views). 

Uses of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database

Methods in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database that return StaticDBIDs
 StaticDBIDs Database.getDBIDs()
 StaticDBIDs StaticArrayDatabase.getDBIDs()
 StaticDBIDs HashmapDatabase.getDBIDs()
 StaticDBIDs ProxyDatabase.getDBIDs()

Uses of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids

Subinterfaces of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids
 interface ArrayStaticDBIDs
          Unmodifiable, indexed DBIDs.
 interface DBID
          Database ID object.
 interface DBIDRange
          Static DBID range.

Classes in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids that implement StaticDBIDs
(package private)  class EmptyDBIDs
          Empty DBID collection.

Methods in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids that return StaticDBIDs
static StaticDBIDs DBIDUtil.makeUnmodifiable(DBIDs existing)
          Wrap an existing DBIDs collection to be unmodifiable.

Uses of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.generic

Classes in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.generic that implement StaticDBIDs
 class UnmodifiableDBIDs
          Unmodifiable wrapper for DBIDs.

Uses of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.integer

Classes in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.ids.integer that implement StaticDBIDs
(package private)  class IntegerDBID
          Database ID object.
(package private)  class IntegerDBIDRange
          Representing a DBID range allocation

Uses of StaticDBIDs in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.relation

Fields in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.relation declared as StaticDBIDs
private  StaticDBIDs MaterializedRelation.ids
          The DBIDs this is supposed to be defined for.

Methods in de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.database.relation that return StaticDBIDs
 StaticDBIDs MaterializedRelation.getDBIDs()

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