Interface DBID

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ArrayDBIDs, ArrayStaticDBIDs, Collection<DBID>, Comparable<DBID>, DBIDs, Iterable<DBID>, List<DBID>, StaticDBIDs
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public interface DBID
extends Comparable<DBID>, ArrayStaticDBIDs

Database ID object. While this currently is just an Integer, it should be avoided to store the object IDs in regular integers to reduce problems if this API ever changes (for example if someone needs to do context tracking for debug purposes!) In particular, a developer should not make any assumption of these IDs being consistent across multiple results/databases.

Method Summary
 int getIntegerID()
          Return the integer value of the object ID, if possible.
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Method Detail


int getIntegerID()
Return the integer value of the object ID, if possible.

integer id

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