Basic classes for different data types, database object types and label types.


Interface Summary
Arithmetic<N extends Number> An interface to define requirements for a number to perform arithmetic operations.
FeatureVector<V extends FeatureVector<? extends V,D>,D> Generic FeatureVector class that can contain any type of data (i.e. numerical or categorical attributes).
NumberVector<V extends NumberVector<? extends V,N>,N extends Number> Interface NumberVector defines the methods that should be implemented by any Object that is element of a real vector space of type N.
SparseFeatureVector<V extends SparseFeatureVector<V,D>,D> Extended interface for sparse feature vector types
SparseNumberVector<V extends SparseNumberVector<V,N>,N extends Number> Combines the SparseFeatureVector and NumberVector

Class Summary
AbstractNumberVector<V extends AbstractNumberVector<? extends V,N>,N extends Number> AbstractNumberVector is an abstract implementation of FeatureVector.
Bit Provides a bit number.
BitVector Provides a BitVector wrapping a BitSet.
ClassLabel A ClassLabel to identify a certain class of objects that is to discern from other classes by a classifier.
ClassLabel.Factory<L extends ClassLabel> Class label factory
Cluster<M extends Model> Generic cluster class, that may or not have hierarchical information.
Cluster.PartialComparator A partial comparator for Clusters, based on their name.
Clustering<M extends Model> Result class for clusterings.
DoubleVector A DoubleVector is to store real values approximately as double values.
ExternalID External ID objects.
FloatVector A FloatVector is to store real values approximately as float values.
HierarchicalClassLabel A HierarchicalClassLabel is a ClassLabel to reflect a hierarchical structure of classes.
HierarchicalClassLabel.Factory Factory class
HyperBoundingBox HyperBoundingBox represents a hyperrectangle in the multidimensional space.
IntegerVector An IntegerVector is to store integer values.
Interval Represents an interval in a certain dimension of the data space.
LabelList A list of string labels
ModifiableHyperBoundingBox MBR class allowing modifications (as opposed to HyperBoundingBox).
OneDimensionalDoubleVector Specialized class implementing a one-dimensional double vector without using an array.
ParameterizationFunction A parameterization function describes all lines in a d-dimensional feature space intersecting in one point p.
RationalNumber RationalNumber represents rational numbers in arbitrary precision.
SimpleClassLabel A simple class label casting a String as it is as label.
SimpleClassLabel.Factory Factory class
SparseFloatVector A SparseFloatVector is to store real values approximately as float values.
Subspace<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> Represents a subspace of the original data space.
Subspace.DimensionComparator A comparator for subspaces based on their involved dimensions.
VectorUtil Utility functions for use with vectors.

Enum Summary
ParameterizationFunction.ExtremumType Available types for the global extremum.

Package Description

Basic classes for different data types, database object types and label types.

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)