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Class Subspace.DimensionComparator

  extended by de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.data.Subspace.DimensionComparator
All Implemented Interfaces:
Enclosing class:
Subspace<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>>

public static class Subspace.DimensionComparator
extends Object
implements Comparator<Subspace<?>>

A comparator for subspaces based on their involved dimensions. The subspaces are ordered according to the ordering of their dimensions.

Elke Achtert

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int compare(Subspace<?> s1, Subspace<?> s2)
          Compares the two specified subspaces for order.
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Constructor Detail


public Subspace.DimensionComparator()
Method Detail


public int compare(Subspace<?> s1,
                   Subspace<?> s2)
Compares the two specified subspaces for order. If the two subspaces have different dimensionalities a negative integer or a positive integer will be returned if the dimensionality of the first subspace is less than or greater than the dimensionality of the second subspace. Otherwise the comparison works as follows: Let d1 and d2 be the first occurrences of pairwise unequal dimensions in the specified subspaces. Then a negative integer or a positive integer will be returned if d1 is less than or greater than d2. Otherwise the two subspaces have equal dimensions and zero will be returned.

Specified by:
compare in interface Comparator<Subspace<?>>

Release 0.3 (2010-03-31_1612)