Interface ProjectorFactory

All Superinterfaces:
InspectionUtilFrequentlyScanned, Parameterizable, ResultProcessor
All Known Implementing Classes:
HistogramFactory, OPTICSProjectorFactory, ScatterPlotFactory

public interface ProjectorFactory
extends ResultProcessor, Parameterizable

A projector is responsible for adding projections to the visualization by detecting appropriate relations in the database.

Method Summary
 void processNewResult(HierarchicalResult baseResult, Result newResult)
          Add projections for the given result (tree) to the result tree.

Method Detail


void processNewResult(HierarchicalResult baseResult,
                      Result newResult)
Add projections for the given result (tree) to the result tree.

Specified by:
processNewResult in interface ResultProcessor
baseResult - Context to work with
newResult - Result to process

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)