Interface ScalingFunction

All Superinterfaces:
InspectionUtilFrequentlyScanned, Parameterizable
All Known Subinterfaces:
OutlierScalingFunction, StaticScalingFunction
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClipScaling, GammaScaling, HeDESNormalizationOutlierScaling, IdentityScaling, LinearScaling, MinusLogGammaScaling, MinusLogScaling, MinusLogStandardDeviationScaling, MixtureModelOutlierScalingFunction, MultiplicativeInverseScaling, OutlierGammaScaling, OutlierLinearScaling, OutlierMinusLogScaling, OutlierSqrtScaling, RankingPseudoOutlierScaling, SigmoidOutlierScalingFunction, SqrtStandardDeviationScaling, StandardDeviationScaling, TopKOutlierScaling

public interface ScalingFunction
extends Parameterizable

Interface for scaling functions used e.g. by outlier evaluation such as Histograms and visualization. When using outlier scaling functions, make sure to invoke prepare to invoke the preprocessing step! Outside of an outlier context, you probably want to use StaticScalingFunction instead, which may not require a prepare statement.

Method Summary
 double getMax()
          Get maximum resulting value.
 double getMin()
          Get minimum resulting value.
 double getScaled(double value)
          Transform a given value using the scaling function.

Method Detail


double getScaled(double value)
Transform a given value using the scaling function.

value - Original value
Scaled value


double getMin()
Get minimum resulting value. May be Double.NaN or Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY.

Minimum resulting value.


double getMax()
Get maximum resulting value. May be Double.NaN or Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY.

Maximum resulting value.

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)