Interface IterableResult<O>

Type Parameters:
O - object class.
All Superinterfaces:
Iterable<O>, Result
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClusterOrderResult, CollectionResult, ComputeROCCurve.ROCResult, EvaluatePairCountingFMeasure.ScoreResult, HistogramResult, IndexStatistics.IndexMetaResult, JudgeOutlierScores.ScoreResult, KNNDistanceOrderResult, OPTICSXi.SteepAreaResult, ReferencePointsResult

public interface IterableResult<O>
extends Result, Iterable<O>

Interface of an "iterable" result (e.g. a list, table) that can be printed one-by-one. (At least when the class O is TextWriteable)

Method Summary
 Iterator<O> iterator()
          Retrieve an iterator for the result.
Methods inherited from interface de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.result.Result
getLongName, getShortName

Method Detail


Iterator<O> iterator()
Retrieve an iterator for the result.

Specified by:
iterator in interface Iterable<O>

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)