Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.persistent

Persistent data management.


Interface Summary
ByteBufferSerializer<T> Class to convert from and to byte arrays (in index structures)
FixedSizeByteBufferSerializer<T> Serializers with a fixed length serialization.
Page Defines the requirements for objects that can be stored in a cache and can be persistently saved.
PageFile<P extends Page> Page file interface.
PageFileStatistics Statistics API for a Page File.
PageHeader Defines the requirements for a header of a persistent page file.

Class Summary
AbstractPage Abstract superclass for pages.
AbstractPageFile<P extends Page> Abstract base class for the page file API for both caches and true page files (in-memory and on-disk).
AbstractStoringPageFile<P extends Page> Abstract class implementing general methods of a PageFile.
ByteArrayUtil Class with various utilities for manipulating byte arrays.
ByteArrayUtil.ByteSerializer Serializer for byte objects
ByteArrayUtil.DoubleSerializer Serializer for double objects
ByteArrayUtil.FloatSerializer Serializer for float objects
ByteArrayUtil.IntegerSerializer Serializer for integer objects
ByteArrayUtil.LongSerializer Serializer for long objects
ByteArrayUtil.ShortSerializer Serializer for short objects
ByteArrayUtil.StringSerializer Serializer for String objects
ByteArrayUtil.VarintSerializer Serializer for Integer objects using a variable size encoding
ByteBufferInputStream Wrap an existing ByteBuffer as InputStream.
ByteBufferOutputStream Wrap an existing ByteBuffer as OutputStream.
DefaultPageHeader Default implementation of a page header.
LRUCache<P extends Page> An LRU cache, based on LinkedHashMap.
MemoryPageFile<P extends Page> A memory based implementation of a PageFile that simulates I/O-access.
OnDiskArray On Disc Array storage for records of a given size.
OnDiskArrayPageFile<P extends Page> A OnDiskArrayPageFile stores objects persistently that implement the Page interface.
OnDiskUpperTriangleMatrix Class representing an upper triangle matrix backed by an on-disk array of O((n+1)*n/2) size
PageFileUtil Page file statistic utility functions.
PersistentPageFile<P extends Page> A PersistentPageFile stores objects persistently that implement the Page interface.

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.persistent Description

Persistent data management.

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)