Class QuadraticStddevWeight

  extended by de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.math.linearalgebra.pca.weightfunctions.QuadraticStddevWeight
All Implemented Interfaces:
WeightFunction, InspectionUtilFrequentlyScanned

public final class QuadraticStddevWeight
extends Object
implements WeightFunction

Quadratic weight function, scaled using the standard deviation. We needed another scaling here, we chose the cutoff point to be 3*stddev. If you need another value, you have to reimplement this class. max(0.0, 1.0 - (distance/(3*stddev))^2

Field Summary
private static double scaling
          Scaling: at scaling * stddev the function will hit 0.0
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double getWeight(double distance, double max, double stddev)
          Evaluate weight function at given parameters. max is ignored.
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Field Detail


private static final double scaling
Scaling: at scaling * stddev the function will hit 0.0

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Constructor Detail


public QuadraticStddevWeight()
Method Detail


public double getWeight(double distance,
                        double max,
                        double stddev)
Evaluate weight function at given parameters. max is ignored.

Specified by:
getWeight in interface WeightFunction
distance - distance of the query point
max - maximum distance of all included points
stddev - standard deviation (i.e. quadratic mean / RMS) of the included points
weight for the query point

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)