Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.index.tree

Tree-based index structures


Interface Summary
DirectoryEntry Directory Entry
Entry Defines the requirements for an entry in an index structure.
LeafEntry Leaf entry
Node<E extends Entry> This interface defines the common requirements of nodes in an index structure.

Class Summary
AbstractDirectoryEntry Abstract superclass for entries in an tree based index structure.
AbstractLeafEntry Abstract superclass for entries in an tree based index structure.
AbstractNode<E extends Entry> Abstract superclass for nodes in an tree based index structure.
BreadthFirstEnumeration<N extends Node<E>,E extends Entry> Provides a breadth first enumeration over the nodes of an index structure.
DistanceEntry<D extends Distance<D>,E extends Entry> Helper class: encapsulates an entry in an Index and a distance value belonging to this entry.
IndexTree<N extends Node<E>,E extends Entry> Abstract super class for all tree based index classes.
IndexTreePath<E extends Entry> Represents a path to a node in an index structure.
TreeIndexFactory<O,I extends Index> Abstract base class for tree-based indexes.
TreeIndexFactory.Parameterizer<O> Parameterization class.
TreeIndexHeader Encapsulates the header information of a tree-like index structure.
TreeIndexPathComponent<E extends Entry> Represents a component in an IndexPath.

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.index.tree Description

Tree-based index structures

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