Interface DatabaseConnection

All Superinterfaces:
InspectionUtilFrequentlyScanned, Parameterizable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDatabaseConnection, EmptyDatabaseConnection, ExternalIDJoinDatabaseConnection, FileBasedDatabaseConnection, GeneratorXMLDatabaseConnection, InputStreamDatabaseConnection, LabelJoinDatabaseConnection, RandomDoubleVectorDatabaseConnection

public interface DatabaseConnection
extends Parameterizable

DatabaseConnection is used to load data into a database.

A database connection is to manage the input and for a database where algorithms can run on. An implementation may either use a parser to parse a sequential file or piped input and provide a file based database or provide an intermediate connection to a database system.

Method Summary
 MultipleObjectsBundle loadData()
          Returns the initial data for a database.

Method Detail


MultipleObjectsBundle loadData()
Returns the initial data for a database.

a database object bundle

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