Cluster models classes for various algorithms.


Interface Summary
Model Base interface for Model classes.

Class Summary
BaseModel Abstract base class for Cluster Models.
Bicluster<V extends FeatureVector<?,?>> Wrapper class to provide the basic properties of a bicluster.
BiclusterWithInverted<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> This code was factored out of the Bicluster class, since not all biclusters have inverted rows.
ClusterModel Generic cluster model.
CorrelationAnalysisSolution<V extends NumberVector<V,?>> A solution of correlation analysis is a matrix of equations describing the dependencies.
CorrelationModel<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> Cluster model using a filtered PCA result and an centroid.
DendrogramModel<D extends Distance<D>> Model for dendrograms, provides the distance to the child cluster.
DimensionModel Cluster model just providing a cluster dimensionality.
EMModel<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> Cluster model of an EM cluster, providing a mean and a full covariance Matrix.
LinearEquationModel Cluster model containing a linear equation system for the cluster.
MeanModel<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> Cluster model that stores a mean for the cluster.
OPTICSModel Model for an OPTICS cluster
SubspaceModel<V extends FeatureVector<V,?>> Model for Subspace Clusters.

Package Description

Cluster models classes for various algorithms.

Release 0.4.0 (2011-09-20_1324)