Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.algorithm.outlier.spatial

Spatial outlier detection algorithms


Class Summary
AbstractDistanceBasedSpatialOutlier<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Abstract base class for distance-based spatial outlier detection methods.
AbstractDistanceBasedSpatialOutlier.Parameterizer<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Parameterization class.
AbstractNeighborhoodOutlier<O> Abstract base class for spatial outlier detection methods using a spatial neighborhood.
AbstractNeighborhoodOutlier.Parameterizer<O> Parameterization class.
CTLuGLSBackwardSearchAlgorithm<V extends NumberVector<?,?>,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> GLS-Backward Search is a statistical approach to detecting spatial outliers.
CTLuGLSBackwardSearchAlgorithm.Parameterizer<V extends NumberVector<?,?>,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Parameterization class
CTLuMeanMultipleAttributes<N,O extends NumberVector<?,?>> Mean Approach is used to discover spatial outliers with multiple attributes.
CTLuMeanMultipleAttributes.Parameterizer<N,O extends NumberVector<?,?>> Parameterization class.
CTLuMedianAlgorithm<N> Median Algorithm of C.
CTLuMedianAlgorithm.Parameterizer<N> Parameterization class
CTLuMedianMultipleAttributes<N,O extends NumberVector<?,?>> Median Approach is used to discover spatial outliers with multiple attributes.
CTLuMedianMultipleAttributes.Parameterizer<N,O extends NumberVector<?,?>> Parameterization class.
CTLuMoranScatterplotOutlier<N> Moran scatterplot outliers, based on the standardized deviation from the local and global means.
CTLuMoranScatterplotOutlier.Parameterizer<N> Parameterization class
CTLuRandomWalkEC<N,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Spatial outlier detection based on random walks.
CTLuRandomWalkEC.Parameterizer<N,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Parameterization class.
CTLuScatterplotOutlier<N> Scatterplot-outlier is a spatial outlier detection method that performs a linear regression of object attributes and their neighbors average value.
CTLuScatterplotOutlier.Parameterizer<N> Parameterization class
CTLuZTestOutlier<N> Detect outliers by comparing their attribute value to the mean and standard deviation of their neighborhood.
CTLuZTestOutlier.Parameterizer<N> Parameterization class
SLOM<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> SLOM: a new measure for local spatial outliers Reference:
Sanjay Chawla and Pei Sun
SLOM: a new measure for local spatial outliers
in Knowledge and Information Systems 2005 This implementation works around some corner cases in SLOM, in particular when an object has none or a single neighbor only (albeit the results will still not be too useful then), which will result in divisions by zero.
SLOM.Parameterizer<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Parameterization class.
SOF<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> The Spatial Outlier Factor (SOF) is a spatial LOF variation.
SOF.Parameterizer<N,O,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Parameterization class
TrimmedMeanApproach<N> A Trimmed Mean Approach to Finding Spatial Outliers.
TrimmedMeanApproach.Parameterizer<N> Parameterizer

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.algorithm.outlier.spatial Description

Spatial outlier detection algorithms

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