Important Dates

  • Workshop
    Sunday, 31.05.2015
  • Submission Deadlines
    Abstract: 02.03.2015 23.03.2015
    Submission: 09.03.2015 23.03.2015
    Notification: 14.04.2015 12.05.2015
    Camera-Ready: 26.04.2015 04.05.2015
  • All Deadlines 11:59pm PST
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Both the current trends in technology, such as smart phones, general mobile devices, stationary sensors and satellites, as well as a new user mentality of utilizing this technology to voluntarily share information, cause the production of a huge flood of geo-spatial data. This data can integrate multiple other types of data, e.g., social information, textual data, multimedia data and scientific measurements, leading to what one can call generally as "enriched geospatial data". This flood of geo-referenced data provides a tremendous potential of discovering new and possibly useful knowledge. A novel research challenge is thus to search and mine this wealth of enriched geo-spatial data which requires joint effort from multiple research communities.