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Accepted Paper at VLDB 2022

SCAR - Spectral Clustering Accelerated and Robustified



Ellen Hohma, Christian Frey, Anna Beer, Thomas Seidl


48th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB 2022),
05–09 September 2022, Sydney, Australia (and hybrid) 



Spectral clustering is one of the most advantageous clustering approaches. However, standard Spectral Clustering is sensitive to noisy input data and has a high runtime complexity. Tackling one of these problems often exacerbates the other. As real-world datasets are often large and compromised by noise, we need to improve both robustness and runtime at once. Thus, we propose Spectral Clustering - Accelerated and Robust (SCAR), an accelerated, robustified spectral clustering method. In an iterative approach, we achieve robustness by separating the data into two latent components: cleansed and noisy data. We accelerate the eigendecomposition – the most time-consuming step – based on the Nyström method. We compare SCAR to related recent state-of-the-art algorithms in extensive experiments. SCAR surpasses its competitors in terms of speed and clustering quality on highly noisy data.