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Announcement PyKEEN 1.0

As a member of the PyKEEN community project, we are happy to announce PyKEEN 1.0 – PyKEEN is a software package to train and evaluate knowledge graph embedding models.




The following features are currently supported by PyKEEN:

  • 23 interaction models
  • 7 loss functions
  • 3 kinds of regularizers
  • 2 training approaches (LCWA and sLCWA)
  • 2 negative samplers
  • Hyper-parameter optimization via Optuna
  • Early stopping
  • 6 evaluation metrics

PyKEEN was used in large-scale benchmarking and reproducibility study of Knowledge Graph Embeddings. You can find the results in our paper. We want to thank everyone who helped to create this release. For more updates, please view our Twitter feed and consider following us.