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Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.visualization.svg

Base SVG functionality (generation, markers, thumbnails, export, ...).


Interface Summary
MarkerLibrary A marker library is a class that can generate and draw various styles of markers.

Class Summary
MinimalMarkers Simple marker library that just draws colored crosses at the given coordinates.
PrettyMarkers Marker library achieving a larger number of styles by combining different shapes with different colors.
SVGPlot Base class for SVG plots.
SVGSimpleLinearAxis Class to draw a simple axis with tick marks on the plot.
SVGUtil Utility class for SVG processing.
Thumbnailer Class that will render a SVGPlot into a File as thumbnail.

Enum Summary
SVGSimpleLinearAxis.ALIGNMENT Flag for axis label position.

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.visualization.svg Description

Base SVG functionality (generation, markers, thumbnails, export, ...).

Release 0.2 (2009-07-06_1820)