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Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.result

Result types, representation and handling


Interface Summary
AnnotationResult<T> The AnnotationResult interface.
IterableResult<O> Interface of an "iterable" result (e.g. a list, table) that can be printed one-by-one.
OrderingResult Interface for a result providing an object ordering.
Result Interface for all classes that are considered a result.
ResultHandler<O extends DatabaseObject,R extends Result> Interface for any class that can handle results

Class Summary
AnnotationFromDatabase<T,O extends DatabaseObject> Class representing Annotations backed by a database using AssociationIDs.
AnnotationFromHashMap<T> Annotations backed by hashmaps.
AprioriResult Result class for Apriori Algorithm.
ClusterOrderEntry<D extends Distance<D>> Provides an entry in a cluster order.
ClusterOrderResult<D extends Distance<D>> Class to store the result of an ordering clustering algorithm such as OPTICS.
CollectionResult<O> Simple 'collection' type of result.
DiscardResultHandler<O extends DatabaseObject,R extends Result> A dummy result handler that discards the actual result, for use in benchmarks.
KNNDistanceOrderResult<D extends Distance<D>> Wraps a list containing the knn distances.
MetadataResult Result to store meta data.
MultiResult MultiResult is a result collection class.
OrderingFromAssociation<T extends Comparable<T>,O extends DatabaseObject> Return an ordering result backed by a database.
OrderingFromHashMap<T extends Comparable<T>> Result class providing an ordering backed by a hashmap.
ResultUtil Utilities for handling result objects
ResultWriter<O extends DatabaseObject> Result handler that feeds the data into a TextWriter

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.result Description

Result types, representation and handling

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