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Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.algorithm.outlier

Outlier detection algorithms


Class Summary
ABOD<V extends NumberVector<V,?>> Angle-Based Outlier Detection Outlier detection using variance analysis on angles, especially for high dimensional data sets.
AbstractDBOutlier<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends Distance<D>> Simple distance based outlier detection algorithms.
DBOutlierDetection<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends Distance<D>> Simple distanced based outlier detection algorithm.
DBOutlierScore<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends Distance<D>> Compute percentage of neighbors in the given neighborhood with size d.
EMOutlier<V extends NumberVector<V,?>> outlier detection algorithm using EM Clustering.
GaussianModel<V extends NumberVector<V,Double>> Outlier have smallest GMOD_PROB: the outlier scores is the probability density of the assumed distribution.
GaussianUniformMixture<V extends NumberVector<V,Double>> Outlier detection algorithm using a mixture model approach.
INFLO<O extends DatabaseObject> INFLO provides the Mining Algorithms (Two-way Search Method) for Influence Outliers using Symmetric Relationship Reference:
Jin, W., Tung, A., Han, J., and Wang, W. 2006
Ranking outliers using symmetric neighborhood relationship< br/> In Proc.
KNNOutlier<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends DoubleDistance> Outlier Detection based on the distance of an object to its k nearest neighbor.
KNNWeightOutlier<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends DoubleDistance> Outlier Detection based on the accumulated distances of a point to its k nearest neighbors.
LDOF<O extends DatabaseObject> Computes the LDOF (Local Distance-Based Outlier Factor) for all objects of a Database.
LOCI<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Fast Outlier Detection Using the "Local Correlation Integral".
LOF<O extends DatabaseObject,D extends NumberDistance<D,?>> Algorithm to compute density-based local outlier factors in a database based on a specified parameter LOF.K_ID (-lof.k).
LoOP<O extends DatabaseObject> LoOP: Local Outlier Probabilities Distance/density based algorithm similar to LOF to detect outliers, but with statistical methods to achieve better result stability.
OPTICSOF<O extends DatabaseObject> OPTICSOF provides the Optics-of algorithm, an algorithm to find Local Outliers in a database.
ReferenceBasedOutlierDetection<V extends NumberVector<V,N>,N extends Number> provides the Reference-Based Outlier Detection algorithm, an algorithm that computes kNN distances approximately, using reference points.
SOD<V extends NumberVector<V,?>,D extends Distance<D>>  
SOD.SODModel<O extends NumberVector<O,?>>  
SOD.SODProxyScoreResult Proxy class that converts a model result to an actual SOD score result.

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.algorithm.outlier Description

Outlier detection algorithms

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