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Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.utilities

Utility and helper classes - commonly used data structures, output formatting, exceptions, ...


Interface Summary
ExceptionMessages Interface to collect exception messages that are used in several cases.
Identifiable Defines the requirements for objects that are identifiable, i.e. objects which have an unique id.

Class Summary
AnyMap<K> Associative storage based on a HashMap for multiple object types that offers a type checked AnyMap.get(Object, Class) method.
ByteArrayUtil Class with various utilities for manipulating byte arrays.
ClassGenericsUtil Utils for handling class instantiation especially with respect to Java generics.
ConstantObject<D extends ConstantObject<D>> ConstantObject provides a parent class for constant objects, that are immutable and unique by class and name.
DatabaseUtil Class with Database-related utility functions such as centroid computation, covariances etc.
Description Class to provide a description wrapper for CLI information concerning an algorithm.
FileUtil Various static helper methods to deal with files and file names.
HandlerList<H> Manages a list of handlers for objects.
HashMapList<K,V> Multi-Associative container, that stores a list of values for a particular key.
HyperBoundingBox HyperBoundingBox represents a hyperrectangle in the multidimensional space.
InspectionUtil A collection of inspection-related utility functions.
QueryStatistic Provides some statistics about queries using a filter-refinement architecture.
Util This class collects various static helper methods.

Exception Summary
UnableToComplyException General Exception to state inability to execute an operation.

Package de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki.utilities Description

Utility and helper classes - commonly used data structures, output formatting, exceptions, ...

Specialized utility classes (which often collect static utility methods only) can be found in other places of ELKI as well, as seen below.

Important utility function collections:

Release 0.2 (2009-07-06_1820)