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Fully automatic detection of the vertebrae in 2D CT images

Published at SPIE Medical Imaging 2011

Conference Date: Wednesday-Thursday 16 - 17 February 2011
Conference Location: Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida, USA
Conference Title: Medical Imaging 2011: Image Processing (7962)
Conference Chairs: Benoit M. Dawant, Vanderbilt Univ.; David R. Haynor, Univ. of Washington
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Knowledge about the vertebrae is a valuable source of information for several annotation tasks. In recent years, the research community spent a considerable effort for detecting, segmenting and analyzing the vertebrae and the spine in various image modalities like CT or MR. Most of these methods rely on prior knowledge like the location of the vertebrae or other initial information like the manual detection of the spine. Furthermore, the majority of these methods require a complete volume scan. With the existence of use cases where only a single slice is available, there arises a demand for methods allowing the detection of the vertebrae in 2D images. In this paper, we propose a fully automatic and parameterless algorithm for detecting the vertebrae in 2D CT images. Our algorithm starts with detecting candidate locations by taking the density of bone-like structures into account. Afterwards, the candidate locations are extended into candidate regions for which certain image features are extracted. The resulting feature vectors are compared to a sample set of previously annotated and processed images in order to determine the best candidate region. In a final step, the result region is readjusted until convergence to a locally optimal position. Our new method is validated on a real world data set of more than 9 329 images of 34 patients being annotated by a clinician in order to provide a realistic ground truth.

Keywords: Annotation, Registration, Similarity Search, Detection, Vertebrae, CT

Copyright Notes:

Franz Graf, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Matthias Schubert, Michael Strukelj, Alexander Cavallaro
"Fully automatic detection of the vertebrae in 2D CT images", Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7962

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