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My current research interests are:

  • Searching in Scientific, Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data
    • Nearest Neighbor and Reverse Nearest Neighbor Query Processing
    • Similarity Search and Data Mining in Time Series Databases, Data Streams, Multi-Media Databases and CAD-databases
  • Traffic Data Management and Mining
    • Spatial and Spatio-Temproal Query Processing in Traffic Networks
    • Route Search in Multi-Attribute Network Graphs
    • Traffic mining

My Projects (Funding)

  • DFG (German Research Foundation)
    • ProQUeST: Probabilistic Query Processing in Uncertain Spatio-Temporal Data (2013, 2 years)
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
    • PPP Germany/Hongkong: Advanced Similarity Search in Uncertain Databases. (2010, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Nikos Mamoulis, HKU, Hong Kong
    • PPP Germany/Canada: Data Management in Static and Dynamic Sensor Networks in Consideration of Uncertain Sensor Data. (2011, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Mario Nascimento, UofA, Edmonton, Canada
    • PPP Germany/USA: Consistent Data Management of Inconsistent Spatio-Temporal Data. (2013, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Goce Trajevsky, North-Western University, Evanston, IL, USA
    • PPP Germany/USA: Geo-Social Network Query Processing and Data Analysis. (2014, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Cyrus Shahabi, USC, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • PPP Germany/Hongkong: Analysis of Semantically Enriched Geo-Spatial Data. (2014, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Nikos Mamoulis, HKU, Hong Kong
    • PPP Germany/Hongkong: Geo-Multimedial Data Analysis based on User Generated Multimedia. (2015, 2 years), Project partner: Prof. Lei Chen, HKUST, Hong Kong

Current PhD Students and Postdocs

  • Dr. Andreas Züfle (Postdoc)
  • Klaus Schmid (PhD student)
  • Christian Frey (PhD student)
  • Sebastian Mattheis (PhD student, BMW Car IT)
  • Maximilian Franzke (PhD student)

Recent PhD Students and Postdocs

  • George Skoumas (PhD student, internship)
  • Matthias Jakob (PhD student, Co-PI: H.-P. Kriegel, M. Schubert, P. Kröger)